Citi Clean prices range and cleaning methods

Citi Clean prices range and cleaning methods

Citi Clean prices range and cleaning methods

Citi Clean offers to people the cleaning services they need, no matter what option they choose. Citi Clean professional team is able to get to your property exactly when you need! Even if Citi Clean services are wanted by many people day by day, here are some frequently questions our professional tenancy team receive daily when they go to do an end of tenancy cleaning or others.

How is fixed the price? I have to pay per hour?

The prices are fixed from the beginning! It depends on the size of your property and number of rooms you have.  You will pay per job, not per hour! Paying per hour can be an inconvenient for you because some customers can believe that his professional cleaning service will make him pay more than really price. So, to remove such worries Citi Clean cleaners will be paid per job. They can stay to your house all day to finish cleaning and the price will be the same! We want to have your lease cleaning in London perfectly and we want you to be happy about Citi Clean team job.

If I choose an end of tenancy cleaning or something else, I need to have chemicals?

No, our professional tenancy cleaning means also our products and materials. A lease cleaning in London and all the other services are very important, so cleaners use professional chemicals and equipment. They will have when they arrive at your house all the necessary equipment. They need from you only water and electricity. Citi Clean are known to provide some of the best end of tenancy cleaning available in London.

What isn’t included in end of tenancy cleaning service?

Well, Citi Clean cleaners will not clean your windows from the outside because it is dangerous for them. They will do it only if they can reach them from the inside. They will also not clean/wash your ceilings and walls. If you want to clean the walls you have to pay more and take the risks. Walls can be easy damaged, so if you really want to, the cleaners will not be guilty about anything. There isn’t included also carpet cleaning or garden cleaning, parking cleaning, terraces cleaning or balconies cleaning.  If you want them, you need to pay extra. They involve hard work and it can be included in the price. The ceilings will not be clean anyway.

And it is important to know that if you want to let them do their work while you aren’t at home, you can have trust in Citi Clean professional team! They will do the job perfectly without damage or something. Their only condition for you is to be home when they will finish the job.